Analyzes source files (js/cs/html/etc.) for lodash functions and produces a minimal lodash build
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A Grunt plugin that analyzes source js/cs/html files for lodash functions and produces a minimal lodash build. Uses shelljs.grep() to find instances of /_.\w*/ in the provided files and passes them as options to the grunt-lodash plugin.

Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.*.

If you haven't used Grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide, as it explains how to create a Gruntfile as well as install and use Grunt plugins.

In addition to installing this plugin, you'll also need to install grunt-lodash:

$> npm install --save-dev grunt-lodash
$> npm install --save-dev grunt-lodash-autobuild

Once the plugins have been installed, they may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with these lines of JavaScript:


Note: Lodash Version

The grunt-lodash-autobuild package.json calls for >=2.0.0 for both lodash and lodash-cli. This means that you'll likely be building from the most recent stable version of lodash. I don't see this as a problem, since the library is fairly stable and ideally one would be keeping up with updates, but you'd probably be able to muck about to get a different version.

##Example Gruntfile.js:

module.exports = function(grunt) {
    // grunt-lodash configuration
    lodash: {
      build: {
        dest: 'build/',
        options: {
          exports: ['none']
          // lodash-autobuild will add this after analysis of source code
          // include: "names, of, lodash, methods, in, your, source" 
    lodashAutobuild: {
      // Multiple autobuild targets supported
      app: {
        // The path to your source file(s)
        src: ['src/js/**/*.js', 'src/coffee/**/*.coffee'],
        // Default options:
        options: {
          // Set to the configured lodash task options.include
          lodashConfigPath: ''
          // The name(s) of the lodash object(s)
          lodashObjects: [ '_' ],
          // Undefined lodashTargets or an empty targets
          // array will run all lodash targets. Specify
          // targets by name to run specific targets
          lodashTargets: [ 'build' ]
  grunt.registerTask('default', ['lodashAutobuild']);