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:neckbeard: A next-gen JAMSTACK for developers leveraging the use of JSON Resume Schema in creating a web based vitae and portfolio. Stop worrying with a complex setup and deployment process. Docs:


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A next-gen JAMSTACK template for developers that leverage the use of JSON Resume Schema in creating a web based vitae and portfolio. Stop worying with a complex setup and deployment process.

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ME ❤️ = JSON ResumeTemplates ✖️ Other Features



This application does not collect or store your personal information in any hosted server. The services we offered does not require any elevated acess nor make an attempt to upload, commit, modify, or delete any file or repository on your behalf. It only read the files stored in your 🔓 repository as necessary :lock: All the information you included in your JSON files are public and MUST NOT CONTAIN any information that you do not want to share to everyone. Thus, you are fully accountable on what you share on your public repositories and we should not be held responsible or liable for your negligence.

Why me

  • Easy to use
  • No complex setup
  • Sharable link
  • Uses standard resume format (JSON RESUME)
  • Ready made templates (No other available template as of now)
  • Only needs very little coding experience
  • FREE!!!!!!

Screenshot (Default Template)

default template

Documentations: []

Creating your own resume

Creating your first resume requires you to have a github account. This is where you store your personal information such as full name, work experience, etc... For all supported fields, please check JSON Resume's official website

Quick Setup

  1. Fork 🍴this boiler plate to your account or create your own repository using it as a template.

Make sure that your repository name is set to Otherwise, you will receive a profile not found message

  1. Update index.json with your personal information
  2. Go to[ 👨your_github_username_here] to view your ready made portfolio

Manual Setup

  1. Create new 🔓 public repository
  2. Add index.json and paste the sample scheme from jsonresume website and update the content as necessary
  3. Commit the file
  4. Go to[ 👨your_github_username_here]

JSON Formatter/Checker

💡 Before commiting the file please make sure to have a well-formed JSON to avoid a profile_not_found error. You can use the online tools below for validation

Does it fit your needs

This generator just works out of the box but we understand that it is not best for all cases and to give clarifications, this is what / what is not this project really is


This application would not allow you to drag and drop cards, layouts, and re-position coponents as you wish. It would not give you enough freedom to customize things the way typical site builder works. And in my honest opinion, developers love to create things if not from the ground, a bare minimum boilerplate is more preferable. :city_sunrise: THEMABLE WEB APPLICATION The project use react + react-sematic-ui for front end and could be easily extend by creating / downloading a new theme and placing it inside pages/templates directory. Dont worry, if you prefer the default theme but only need few modifications, you can freely alter the codes/design of the default template in pages/templates/default directory. Another thing that you can do is to remove or add dependencies depending on your needs and you are not tied up in using a single react ui framework. Everything is up to you! :bell: All templates should be placed inside the pages/templates directory. Docs: []


The main website was deployed to vercel and could be easily hosted on your own account or any other prefered server within a few minutes. You can easily scale things up with no or little cost


It provides a built-in parser and templates for your JSON resume file that is hosted on your Github account. It parse the file and serve you with a web-based portfolio that you can freely share to your colleagues and future employers. What makes it more wonderful is you can use the same repository across different projects in a breeze. Want to place a badge somewhere else? don't worry, you can create one with


My web-based resume

💡 So what is JSON Resume? JSON resume is an open source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes. For more details, please read their official website


This portfolio generator only could be easily modified, which reasonably makes it one of your choices for the next boilerplate of your own website or portfolio

Language Support

By default, we use the about-me/index.json as the main source but out-of-the-box you can also serve your resume with different languages you like. All you have to do is commit another file with this recomended filename format index-[ISO alpha-2].json 💡 You can add any extension you wish but we highly recommend to stick with the recomended ISO apha-2 extension

ex. index-ph.json

Accessing via web

Country Codes (ISO apha-2)


There is no other available template other than the default one but the developer is trying to make more and really working hard to serve it to you soon. Should you need to create your own downloadable template, plese refer to this guide for complete instructions


This project is free to use and we are not getting commission or generating an income from this in any way. If you love this project your donation is very much welcome. You can buy some 🍺 ☕ for the developer!



:neckbeard: A next-gen JAMSTACK for developers leveraging the use of JSON Resume Schema in creating a web based vitae and portfolio. Stop worrying with a complex setup and deployment process. Docs:








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