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OpenTyrian for ESP32
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OpenTyrian - ESP32 Port

This is a port of OpenTyrian (ported to ESP32 by Gadget Workbench). It's based on OpenTyrian (


OpenTyrian is an open-source port of the DOS game Tyrian.

Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The story is set in 20,031 where you play as Trent Hawkins, a skilled fighter-pilot employed to fight MicroSol and save the galaxy.


It requires:

  • An ILI9341 LCD - connected by SPI
  • SD Card with the tyrian files in a "data" folder
  • Amplifier and speaker
  • Some input buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right + two buttons)


Alt text


"make menuconfig"

under the section "ESP32-TYRIAN platform-specific configuration: config_image

LCD / SD Card

Set up the pins used for your LCD and SD Card. This is the default configuration: config_image

The LCD is connected to VSPI, and the SD Card to HSPI.

Input / Controls

The default button input is configured in keyboard.c

  • GPIO36 UP
  • GPIO33 ESCAPE (quit)
  • GPIO35 SPACE (fire/select)


Sound is output using I2S connected to the DAC on GPIO25 this is configured in SDL_audio.c. You will need an amplifier+speaker and coupling capacitor on this pin (the capacitor to bring the DAC's DC signal back to AC).


"make flash"

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