Python bindings to the WebKit GTK+ port
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This project is currently unmaintaned. I currently have no time to work on this project so feel free to volunteer.

Python WebKit GTK+

The PyWebKitGtk project aims to provide Python bindings to the GTK+ port of WebKit, an open-source web browser engine that powers numerous applications such as web browsers, email clients, feed readers, web and text editors, and a whole lot more[1]

Project Goals

The project share the same goals with WebKit[2]. The purpose of this binding is to bring an alternative web engine to Python/GTK+ application developers who might need a web browser engine for their next application or developers wishing to have a better browser engine that they can access to using the Python programming language.

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[1] Applications that use WebKit

[2] WebKit Goals

[3] WebKit Bugzilla