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What is this?

Dominion is a card game published by Rio Grande Games. It is really awesome.

This is a new project so it's a much a work on progress. Right now you can play on the console with a subset of the cards from the Base set.

State of the Project

My original proof of concept is a terminal based game. That's what's in the master and terminal branches. I've switched over to working in the rack branch. I hoped to leave this branch in a playable state, but I think some bugs have bled over. The rack branch is where all the excitement is happening - turning the terminal server into a rack mountable game instance server.

How to Play

Want to play? Install ruby, rspec, rake and clone the repo.

~ $ git clone git://
~ $ cd dominion

Now start a server

~ $ rake server

You'll be prompted to enter the number of players in the game

Over in another console

~ $ rake play

If you are playing remotely, pass HOST and/or PORT environment variables.


Interested in strategy simulations? We've got you covered. Just create a Player subclass and seat it at a game. Check out BigMoney as an example. You can play against BigMoney locally by starting a server like so:

~ $ rake server:big_money

If you want to run simulations, check out lib/simulation.rb You can invoke it with a rake task:

~ $ rake simulate


I've finished the Base set Kingdom cards. Next up, I'll be working on adding the Seaside expansion.

Fork away!


Jordan McKible

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