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This program is a simple tool to import users from a file into a Twitter list.

There is an online version at


Installation (if you hate online versions)

  1. Download
  2. pip install -r requirements.txt


To run twitty-lister you will need two files. The first is a config.json which will contain your app keys.

  "consumer": {
  "access": {
    "secret": "YOUR-ACCESS-SECRET-HERE",

You will also need a list file with all of your screen names to import. This can be fairly dirty as twitty-lister will clean them up for you.


Next, you will need to run and authorize the account through the PIN mechanism. After you authorize, it will add the users in blocks of 100.

(venv)jmhobbs@Cordelia~/twitty-lister$ python "What Cheer" screen_names 
==> Loading 7 users into "What Cheer"
==> Please authorize:
==> PIN: 9546060
==> List doesn't exist, creating it
==> Sending #0 through #100
==> Done!

That's it!

The list!