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This repository holds the code for the OpenFaaS function to do style transfer. You ideally should read along the blog post on

Get faas-cli

curl -sSL | sudo sh

Build and deploy

faas-cli build -f artist.yml
faas-cli deploy -f artist.yml

Style transfer

Generates Monet style

Original Styled
Original Styled

The stylized image was generated using:

curl -X POST -H X-style-name:monet -H X-style-index:1 \
  --data-binary @artist/input/blizzard.jpg \
  "http://localhost:8080/function/artist" > styled/blizzard-styled-monet.jpg

Generates Varied style

Original Styled
Original Styled
Original Styled

The stylized image were generated using:

curl -X POST -H X-style-name:varied -H X-style-index:24 \
  --data-binary @artist/input/vespa-faas.jpg \
  "http://localhost:8080/function/artist" > styled/vespa-faas-varied-24.jpg
curl -X POST -H X-style-name:varied -H X-style-index:6 \
  --data-binary @artist/input/faas-community.jpg \
  "http://localhost:8080/function/artist" > styled/faas-community-varied-6.jpg

you can also use the accompanying script


./ path_to_image_file style style_index

style can be monet or varied. style_index from 0 to 9 for monet, and from 0 to 30 for varied.

try them all, and see what you like!

./ artist/input/tree.jpg varied 24
./ artist/input/tree.jpg monet 2

Multi-style transfer

We can also apply a multi-style blending several styles of a given model together, based on weights. e.g.: {1:0.3, 10:0.5, 24:0.2} to tell the artist to use style 1, style 2 and style 24 in the proportions 30% - 50% - 20%.

curl -X POST -H X-style-name:varied -H X-which-styles:'{1:0.2,10:0.3,24:0.5}' \
  --data-binary @artist/input/meme-test.jpg \
  "http://localhost:8080/function/artist" > styled/meme-test-varied-1-10-24.jpg

Explore some more outputs under styled folder or in this album to get a better idea, or check the blog post.


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