Automatically injects script tags into a page.
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Jesús Merino, based on Pedro Rocha "grunt-script-inject"


Automatically injects script tags into a page. Nice for auto put script tags in angular apps.

Example (gruntfile.js):

scriptinject: {
    dev: {
        srcs: ['src/frontend/modules/app.js', 'src/frontend/modules/*/*.js', 'src/frontend/modules/*/*/*.js'], //order is important if this sciprt will be concated and minified
        html: 'src/application.html', //file that as the block comment to look for a place to insert the script tags
        without: 'src/', //this script will be used to remove this block of string of script tag file location
        template: '<script>%file_path%</script>' //Used to modify the template that is going to be injected. The string "%file_path%" will be replaced with the path of the file injected.

Example of HTML if block:

<!-- scriptinject begin -->
//everything here will be replace by all script loaded. You can run this task many times you want.
<!-- scriptinject end -->