tool for statically reconstructing the IOKit classes hierarchy from iOS kernelcache dumps
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iokit-dumper-arm64 + libdump

iokit-dumper-arm64 is the static iOS AArch64 version for iokit-dumper.
It uses a dumped 64-bit kernelcache to rebuild the IOKit classes hierarchy for a specific image in the kernelcache, and generate a DOT graph for it. You can see some example generated graphs below, in the Examples section.

How to use

Firstly, to generate DOT graphs you will need dot installed. Do:

brew install graphviz

And test with:

dot -v

Now, the arguments accepted by iokit-dumper-arm64:

  • -f: It specifies the kernelcache path to work with.
  • -o: It specifies the output path. The output file name is auto-generated. If not specified, default path used will be /tmp.
  • -n: it specifies the image to dump name. If not specified, all images will be dumped. Pass the string kernel to dump the kernel hierarchy. Pass a KEXT bundle name (Ex. to dump that KEXT hierarchy.
  • -c: Auto convert. If specified, it automatically runs a dot command at the end of the dumping process to generate a PDF file containing the graph.

Example usage to dump kernel hierarchy to Desktop:

./iokit-dumper-arm64 -f /path/to/kernelcache.dump -n kernel -o /Users/$USER/Desktop/ -c


libdump is a kind-of AArch64 emulator. It is quite sloppy and relies on capstone. It has been written specifically for this project, but it could become a totally separated project in the future.


I have added some basic support for unencrypted kernelcaches, but it has not been tested on enough cases to say it's perfect. Also the code needs a major refactor and cleanup, so keep in mind that stuff may happen.

If you feel like contrinuting, do not hesitate doing so! Just submit a pull request. I would really appreciate some help.

Future updates are planned, and improvements are coming.



Here are some generated graphs as an example:





A list of to-do for updates.

  • Code cleanup
  • Fix KEXT identification algorithm (it is buggy in some cases)
  • Unencrypted kernelcaches support
  • Add graph customization and details