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S3Backup is a Docker container which backs up one or more folders to S3 using the s3cmd sync tool.

To tell s3backup what to back up, mount your desired volumes under the /data directory.

s3backup is configured by setting the following environment variables during the launch of the container.

  • ACCESS_KEY - your AWS access key
  • SECRET_KEY - your AWS secret key
  • S3PATH - your S3 bucket and path
  • S3CMDPARAMS - custom parameters to s3cmd

Files are by default backed up once every hour. You can customize this behavior using an environment variable which uses the standard CRON notation.

  • CRON_SCHEDULE - set to 0 * * * * by default, which means every hour.

Example invocation

To backup the Documents and the Photos directories in your home folder, and running the backup at 03:00 every day, you could use something like this:

docker run -d -v /home/user/Documents:/data/documents:ro -v $/home/user/Photos:/data/photos -e "ACCESS_KEY=YOURACCESSKEY" -e "SECRET_KEY=YOURSECRET" -e "S3PATH=s3://yours3bucket/" -e "CRON_SCHEDULE=0 3 * * *" joch/s3backup