A VSH menu tai-hen plugin for the PS VITA.
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A VSH menu taiHEN plugin for the PS VITA games and homebrews. Currently does not work in SceShell.


  • Control CPU/GPU clock states separately for each title and save them.
  • Restore configured CPU/GPU clock states, once plugin has been started.
  • Battery percent, hours remaining as well as battery temperature display can be toggled.
  • VSH Menu colours for minimal customization as well as an option to set your own colours.
  • Quick launch with 5 slots. (Once the launcher.cfg file is generated in ur0:/data/vsh/launcher.cfg, feel free to change the title and title IDS to your preference. Keep in mind you can't use spaces for the title's name and you can't go above 5 (0-4) slots in the meantime.)
  • Quick Reboot/Shutdown/Suspend/Restart device in game.
  • FPS display.


Put vsh.suprx and kuio.skprx in "tai" folder in the root of your Vita (ur0:/tai/). If you already have kuio installed from another plugin then you don't need to use the one bundlded in VSH's release.

Edit config.txt in that directory to load plugin for title of your choice by adding new lines like below:



Go to settings -> Henkaku settings -> Reload tai config -> Reboot device. Then use L + R + START or L + R + SELECT to open the VSH menu.

Custom colours

Uses 8 digit hex codes -> AARRGGBB.

Open ur0:/data/vsh/custom_colour_config.cfg using your computer, or VITAShell and edit the following to your liking.

TITLE_BG_COL = Title background colour
BG_COL = Background colour
CURSOR_COL = Cursor/selector colour
TITLE_TEXT_COL = Title font colour
TEXT_COL = Font colour


  • Rinnegatamante for kuio and FPS code.
  • frangarcj for oclockvita