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A command-line tool that randomly recommends one of the URIs you haven't read forever.
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한국어 설명

A command-line tool that randomly recommends one of the URIs you haven't read forever.


brew tap johngrib/homebrew-johngrib
brew install droller

Add the following configuration to .bashrc or .bash_profile.

# Pressing `option d` or `esc d` in the terminal adds a link on the clipboard.
bind '"\ed": "droller \"`pbpaste`\"\c-m"'


brew remove droller

Upgrade to latest version

brew upgrade droller


option description example
Add a record to index file. droller http://..
random, Select randomly. droller
open, o Open the selected record. droller o
+1, 1 +1 to the selected record. droller 1
-1, - -1 to the selected record. droller -
delete, d Delete a record from the index file. droller d
status, s Show the selected record. droller s
ranking Show the ranking table. droller ranking
backup, b Back up your index file using git. droller b
log, l Show backup logs. droller l
edit, e Edit the index file. droller e
help, h Help. droller h

How to use

If someone posts a link that looks good on Twitter or Facebook, copy it. Then type the following command in the terminal.


Collect some links every day.

And when you are bored, type the following command.

The droller will randomly recommend a link.


Enter the following command to open the selected link in a web browser.

droller o

If you like the link, +1 it.

droller 1

Or, -1

droller -1

If you don't want to read the selected link again, delete it.

droller d

To see the score ranking of the links, type the following command.

droller ranking

If you want help,

droller help

If you want to edit the index file

droller edit
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