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Some people ride ridiculously expensive Harley-Davidsons, collect vintage guitars or marry 20-year younger platinum blondes when midlife crisis strikes.

I write modplayers.

nim-mod - pattern view

nim-mod - samples view


  • Pretty accurate Amiga ProTracker 2.3D compatible playback
  • Supports 4-channel SoundTracker (15 samples), 4-channel ProTracker (31 samples) and other 2-99 channel MOD formats (FastTracker II, OctaMED, StarTrekker etc.)
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux & OS X)
  • Kickass console UI with many cool colourschemes
  • WAV writer (16/24-bit integer, 32-bit float)
  • Change play position during playback with speed/tempo & pattern jump chasing
  • Song length calculation with loop detection
  • Adjustable stereo width
  • Vim-inspired keyboard shortcuts (SUPR IMPRTANT!!!!!11)
  • Uses FMOD for audio playback (just for the audio—the playroutine itself is implemented in Nim from scratch!)


(Substitute nimmod with nimmod.exe on Windows and ./nimmod on Linux & OS X)

Play foo.mod:

nimmod foo.mod

Play foo.mod and explicitly set the buffer size (experiment with larger values if experiencing audio drop-outs):

nimmod --bufferSize=4096 foo.mod

Display the calculated non-looped length of foo.mod and exit:

nimmod --showLength foo.mod

Render foo.mod to a 24-bit/48kHz WAV file called foo.wav:

nimmod --output=wav --bitDepth=24 --sampleRate=48000 --outFilename=foo.wav foo.mod

Play foo.mod without displaying the UI and show detailed debug info:

nimmod --noUserInterace --verbose foo.mod

Run nimmod -h to see the full list of command line options.

Note for Windows users

The default Windows console raster font doesn't include Unicode box drawing characters, so if you see some random garbage on the screen, most likely that's the culprit. The solution is to set the console font to Lucida Console or some other font that includes the Unicode box drawing characters. Note that not all fonts will work well, some will result in discontinuous lines—you'll need to experiment.

Where to find modules?

Check out the data directory in this repo for a (in my opinion) very good selection of classic modules.

Visit the following huge online collections if you need more!


nimmod requires Nim 0.18.0+ and depends on the fmod, illwill and easyWave Nim packages. Install them with Nimble:

nimble install fmod illwill easywav

Then do a release build:

cd src
nim c -r -d:release nimmod

After this, you can run the render tests:

cd test
nim c -r rendertest


Copyright © 2016-2019 John Novak <>

This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See the COPYING file for more details.