Progressive Growing of GANs implemented with chainer
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Progressive Growing of GANs implemented with chainer

python 3.5.2 + chainer 3.0.0



$ python3 ./ -g 0 --dir ./train_images/ --epoch 100 --depth 0 

You can train models with ./

When depth = n, generated images are 2^{n+2} x 2^{n+2} size.

$ ./ 100 automatically trains models gradually (through 4 x 4 to 256 x 256).

You should tune delta and epoch when it changes too quickly or too slowly.


$ python3 ./ --gen results/gen --depth 0

You can generate images with

$ wget
$ python3 ./ --gen gen_yui_model --depth 6

You can use the pre-trained model.

It generates 256 x 256 size Ichii Yui's images.



The original paper


WGAN-GP implemented with chainer.


My Blog post related to this repository.