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dcjq 5 nodejs

This is the project for example source code used during my presentation to the DC jQuery meetup group djcq entitled "dcjq[5] node.js What is it, how does it work and what can I use it for tomorrow??". The files in here are:

  • node_async_example.js: a node.js script that can be run from the command line to check if a file exists or not. It is sort of a minimum-viable-script example, but shows how everything in node is asynchronous, and that node can be used for command line operations besides just servers

  • helloworld.js: a minimal web application using node's inbuilt http support. It shows how little code is required for a functioning node.js web app, and is enough to show, for example, use of node-inspector and the webkit js debugger for debugging

  • The longer web app example showing a whole stack with middleware, views, routing, sessions, etc. is coming "REAL SOON NOW".