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Hack to get the iPhone Simulator to run on the command line
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Install path and install instructions
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A wrapper around iPhoneSimulatorRemoteClient, to install and run apps in the iOS simulator.


Compiling and installing uses the xcodebuild command. By default it installs the app in /usr/local/bin.

xcodebuild install

To customize the installation location use the DSTROOT and INSTALL_PATH build variables. For example, to compile into a local bin directory:

xcodebuild install DSTROOT=. INSTALL_PATH=/bin


waxsim "/path/to/"

If you want to define which family of iOS device to use:

waxsim -f "ipad" "/path/to/"

To see all usage options, type waxsim with no arguments:

usage: waxsim [options] app-path
example: waxsim -s 2.2 /path/to/
Available options are:
  -s sdkVersion number of sdk to use (-s 3.1)
  -f familyDevice to use (-f ipad)
  -e VAR=valueEnvironment variable to set (-e CFFIXED_HOME=/tmp/iphonehome)
  -a DependenciesAvailable SDKs
  -v pathOutput video recording at path
  -h DependenciesPrints out this wonderful documentation!


You need to be runnin Mac OS X running a recent version of Xcode. Testing with Xcode 4.5.

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