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Tool for extracting pages from pdf as images and text as strings.

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I think it is time for version 1.0.0

This gem has been converting decks for for a few years now,
I think it deserves a 1.0.0 release.
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            ___     |    `
           / .-\  ./=)
          |  |"|_/\/|
          ;  |-;| /_|
         / \_| |/ \ |
        /      \/\( |
        |   /  |` ) |
        /   \ _/    |
       /--._/  \    |
       `/|)    |    /
         /     |   |
       .'      |   |
      /         \  |
     (_.-.__.__./  /


Grim is a simple gem for extracting (reaping) a page from a pdf and converting it to an image as well as extract the text from the page as a string. It basically gives you an easy to use api to ghostscript, imagemagick, and pdftotext specific to this use case.


You will need ghostscript, imagemagick, and poppler installed. On the Mac (OSX) I highly recommend using Homebrew to get them installed.

  brew install ghostscript imagemagick poppler


  gem install grim


  pdf   = Grim.reap("/path/to/pdf")         # returns Grim::Pdf instance for pdf
  count = pdf.count                         # returns the number of pages in the pdf
  png   = pdf[3].save('/path/to/image.png') # will return true if page was saved or false if not
  text  = pdf[3].text                       # returns text as a String

  pdf.each do |page|
    puts page.text

We also support using other processors (the default is whatever version of Imagemagick/Ghostscript is in your path).

  # specifying one processor with specific ImageMagick and GhostScript paths
  Grim.processor ={:imagemagick_path => "/path/to/convert", :ghostscript_path => "/path/to/gs"})

  # multiple processors with fallback if first fails, useful if you need multiple versions of convert/gs
  Grim.processor =[{:imagemagick_path => "/path/to/6.7/convert", :ghostscript_path => "/path/to/9.04/gs"}),{:imagemagick_path => "/path/to/6.6/convert", :ghostscript_path => "/path/to/9.02/gs"})

  pdf = Grim.reap('/path/to/pdf)




See LICENSE for details.

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