Helps to find package collisions for Java 9 modules migration
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Gradle Java9 Packages Collision plugin

Starting from Java9 it is no longer allowed to have same packages in different modules (jars)

The plugin helps to detect package name collisions, that blocks one from migrating to Java 9 modules (JIGSAW)


Apache 2.0. See LICENSE.txt file in the repo for details


The plugin defines java9c task for the project. The task generates detected packages collisions for every SourceSet of the project.

See more info on Gradle Plugin Portal

Add the following lines to your project:

plugins {
  id "org.jonnyzzz.java9c" version "<USE_LATEST_VERSION>"

//necessary only for multiple project projects:
subprojects {
  apply plugin: "org.jonnyzzz.java9c"


Please use GitHub issues from the project to report problems you have. Pull requests are welcome too.

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