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XcodeWarnings.xcconfig is an Xcode configuration file that lists all warnings and static analyzer settings present in Xcode 10. Comment out any settings that won't help your project.

Accompanying blog post: Xcode Warnings: Can You Turn Them Up to Eleven?

All warnings are enabled, with these exceptions:

Commented Out by Default

  • "Treat Warnings as Errors" (GCC_TREAT_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS) isn't enabled because when experimenting with code, I sometimes temporarily comment out a line which uses a variable — which triggers the "Unused Variables" warning.
  • "Unused Parameters" (GCC_WARN_UNUSED_PARAMETER) isn't enabled because it's not unusual to provide a method required by Apple's frameworks that ignores a parameter.
  • "Multiple Definition Types for Selector" (GCC_WARN_MULTIPLE_DEFINITION_TYPES_FOR_SELECTOR) isn't enabled because it's not unusual to have a @selector on its own, apart from a method definition.

Not Even Included

  • "Pedantic Warnings" (GCC_WARN_PEDANTIC) isn't included because ordinary interaction with Apple's libraries makes it unhappy.
  • "Implicit Synthesized Properties" (CLANG_WARN_OBJC_MISSING_PROPERTY_SYNTHESIS) isn't included because in all likelihood, you don't need to be backwards compatible with non-modern Objective-C.

Static Analyzer

The Static Analyzer is also completely enabled, including "Deep" analysis during the Build action. If that's too slow, comment out CLANG_STATIC_ANALYZER_MODE to restore faster "Shallow" analysis.

Swift 4.2 Performance

The setting "Exclusive Access to Memory" (SWIFT_ENFORCE_EXCLUSIVE_ACCESS) is set to "on" which is Full Enforcement (Run-time Checks in All Builds). If you see performance degradation in your release builds, you may want to change this from "on" to "debug-only" so that the checks are done only in debug builds.