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Noisy is a random audio noise generator for OS X. It is based on “Noise” by Blackhole Media. It was maintained anonymously at http://code.google.com/p/noisy/, and is now maintained at http://github.com/jonshea/Noisy.

Does your coworker use a gigantic, over-engineered, mechanically switched keyboard that, when he gets up to speed, sounds like a train wrecking? Do people like to chit-chat next to you while you’re trying to work? Do high school students walk past your window every day shouting at each other so loudly that you’re certain they must be about to start a brawl, and do you, every day, go to the window to investigate only to discover that’s just how they communicate normally with each other? Are you otherwise easily distracted?

A little bit of static noise in your headphones can make the rest of the world seem a lot further away.

Thanks to Blackhole Media, and to the original, anonymous creator/maintainer of Noisy.

Noisy 1.5:
* Added support for quasi-Brownian noise. Brownian noise has less high frequency energy than either pink or white noise. To my ear it sounds less hissy and more relaxing than white or pink noise.
* Added keyboard shortcuts. You can now use the arrow keys to nudge the volume up (up arrow or right arrow) or down (down arrow or left arrow). Just like iTunes, if you hold command-shift while you hit the arrow keys then the volume will peg all the way up or down.
* The spacebar will now mute or unmute Noisy.
* Noisy no longer quits when you close the control window.
* Keyboard shortcuts work even if the Noisy control window is closed.