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Vim colorscheme based on flatland with Airline integration.
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Vim colorscheme based on flatland with Airline integration. Intended for use in MacVim. Based on the excellent

  • Flatlandia is even flatter than flatland.
  • Flatlandia also includes a matching vim-airline theme.
  • JSDoc comment highlighting.
  • Flatlandia sometimes deviates from flatlands choice of colors.


  • If you want airline support, ensure that that airline is installed, then install flatlandia (this plugin) using Vundle or NeoBundle.
" Using Vundle
Bundle 'bling/vim-airline'
Bundle 'jordwalke/flatlandia'

" Or if using NeoBundle(recommended)
NeoBundle 'bling/vim-airline'
NeoBundle 'jordwalke/flatlandia'
  • To install the application icon, open the .icns file in Mac Preview, click on the image and select all (CMD+a). Find MacVim in /Applications, click once on it and press CMD+i. Click on the little icon in that info window, then hit CMD+v. Restart MacVim.

Application Icon



Nerd Side Bar


Only tested on MacVim, but probably works in other environments. Please send pull requests for 256 terminal support.

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