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Snipe is a Safari and Chrome extension that allows you to quickly sift through the sea of open tabs you accumulate throughout the day. Simply invoke the keyboard shortcut and up pops a Quicksilver-like input field allowing you to search through your open tabs and select one, without ever leaving your keyboard. It's like having Spotlight or Quicksilver for your browser tabs.


Please note that this repository depends on the following two submodules to compile properly from souce:

  • Snipe-core (Core UI shared between the Safari and Chrome extensions)
  • String_score (Used for the fuzzy search scoring system)

After cloning this repository, make sure to init the submodules, otherwise you'll get a bunch of errors and who knows what other horrors.


  • Add a way to close a tab from the UI (close all matching tabs?)
  • Support favicons not placed in the root directory of a server
  • Highlight matched words/phrases in custom UI in Safari and Chrome
  • Firefox version (looking into this. we'll see...)
  • Search page content as an asynchronous Web Worker process as well as title and URL (unlikely to happen anytime soon)