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FIO Tools

This is a collection of benchmarks and post-analysis tools for use with fio.


bin/benchmark is a CLI tool for running benchmarks. Run without parameters for help. Sample use:

./bin/benchmark --log=/tmp/benchmark_log profile --device=sdb --runtime=1m

Global options are specified first:

  • --log : directory to store log files.

Next is the benchmark to run. Options:

  • profile : overall profile for random read/write at a range of block sizes.

(Note, the master FIO files for all options are in lib/jobs.)

Finally are job-specific options. Run benchmark help [command] to see options for each command.

Analysis Tools

Various R scripts for analyzing FIO output are in the analysis directory.

TBD: document these.

Other Stuff

Bandwidth from clat

bin/bw_from_clat is a tool used to generate per-second bandwidth given a FIO completion latency (clat) log.

FIO Benchmarks

The gaggle of benchmarks under the benchmarks directory will eventually migrate into FIO jobs that you can run via bin/benchmark.