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An example project showing how to do XA transactions with Camel + Narayana on Spring Boot.



Install and run Apache Artemis []

Note: You might want to configure the redelivery-delay and max-delivery-attempts in the Artemis broker.xml file so that you can see the retries occurring. Take a look at the docs for more info: [].

Install and run MySQL []

Note: For my tests, I chose to run the docker image []. You can run it using the command docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_DATABASE=example -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=Abcd1234 -e MYSQL_ROOT_HOST= -p 3306:3306 -d mysql/mysql-server:5.7. You can then connect and run SQL statements using the command docker exec -it mysql mysql -uroot -p.

Build the project source code

$ mvn clean install

Running the example standalone

$ mvn spring-boot:run

Testing the code

There are a couple of test files in the src/test/data folder. Any file containing the word "error" will cause a rollback/retry and eventually land on the DLQ.

$ cp src/test/data/message_01.txt target/messages/

If the file successfully processed, you will see a message in the DB. You can check it using the SQL command select * from example.MESSAGES;. If the file threw an exception (because it had the word "error" in it), it will be retried until the max-delivery-attempts is exhausted and then be placed on the DLQ. Another route will then pick it up and log it.

Running the example in OpenShift

It is assumed that:

  • OpenShift platform is already running, if not you can find details how to Install OpenShift at your site.
  • Your system is configured for Fabric8 Maven Workflow, if not you can find a Get Started Guide
  • You've already created a PersistentVolume of sufficient size (at least what is requested in src/main/kube/pvc.yaml).

Create a new project:

$ oc new-project camel-spring-boot-xa

Create the ServiceAccount:

$ oc create -f src/main/kube/serviceaccount.yml

Create the PersistentVolumeClaim:

$ oc create -f src/main/kube/pvc.yml

Create the ConfigMap:

$ oc create -f src/main/kube/configmap.yml

Create the Secret:

$ oc create -f src/main/kube/secret.yml

Add the Secret to the ServiceAccount created earlier:

$ oc secrets add sa/camel-spring-boot-xa-sa secret/camel-spring-boot-xa-secret

Add the view role to the ServiceAccount:

$ oc policy add-role-to-user view system:serviceaccount:camel-spring-boot-xa:camel-spring-boot-xa-sa

The example can be built and run on OpenShift using the following goals:

$ mvn clean install fabric8:resource fabric8:build fabric8:deploy

Testing the code

Follow the same directions from 'Testing the code' section above, but copy the messages into '<PV_MOUNT>/messages/'.


  • This project contains an org.apache.activemq.artemis.jms.client.ActiveMQConnectionFactory class implementation. It is the patched version from JIRA issue ARTEMIS-1255. It will have to be included until the patch is merged into the official codebase.
  • This project can only run as a single instance (ie, you cannot scale it up). This is due to the fact that all pods will try to share an Narayana ObjectStore directory and will have conflicts.