Stories in any medium, cross-media, for the web! Quick, lightweight, easy, no dependencies!
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Check out demos on the website!
Download the latest version

What is Showpony?

An easy-to-use multimedia engine for telling stories in almost any medium online, and even cross-medium!

What are some of its awesome features?

  • Fullscreen: on any device, for any medium!
  • Easy archives: go to the menu and just drag across the screen to go to any part quickly!
  • Easy use: about 4 lines of JavaScript is all it takes to get a basic Showpony working on your site!
  • Hey Bard! integration: automatically save user bookmarks cross-browser and load them back!
  • Preload the next file: so that users can have a smooth reading experience (text and comics only for now)
  • Admin system: update files from an easy-access admin setup! Can be easily disabled if you'd rather not deal with that.
  • Mix media: video, comics, songs, books, and more can all be viewed in a streamlined experience!

What media can I work in with Showpony?

Showpony is tested and ready for:

  • Comics
  • Video

And should also be good for:

  • Audio
  • Straight HTML files

Also in the works are also:

  • Visual Novels
  • Kinetic Novels
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Screenplays
  • Stageplays
  • Videogames (will likely be limited)

Is it performant?

This doesn't just depend on the code but on the resources you use and the files you use for your stories. But in my testing, absolutely yes!

Also, if you're concerned about size, uncompressed it's a little over 65 KB. Most engines for just one of the media Showpony supports are much larger.

How's browser support?

It's made for modern browsers, but I can only test with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome Mobile. Test it thoroughly for your own projects, and let me know if you run into any errors!

I do my best to guarantee it works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome mobile. I am not attempting IE support but will try to support the newest versions of Edge. As I hear about Safari bugs I will do my best to patch those too.

I ran into a bug. I'm not a programmer. I am sad. Can you help?

Email me at

Showpony's missing a feature I can't live without and now I am dead.

Don't be dead! Email me at

What else do I have to install to get Showpony to work?

Nothing!- you don't even need Wordpress or jQuery! For some features you will need PHP but that comes preinstalled on most servers.

How can I support Showpony's development?

A few ways, no obligation:

  • Tell others about Showpony
  • Test Showpony out and send me bug reports by email ( or on Twitter (@joshpowlison)
  • Get involved as a programmer!
  • Send me money and let me know it's for Showpony, and I'll try to put more hours towards it (since I can't make any promises, view this as a donation, not as payment)!

Thank you for supporting the open source community, BrowserStack!