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Showpony is a multimedia engine for the web. This wiki may be out of date or missing vital information right now. Please check the date and if it's too far back, be wary!

Setting up Showpony

1. Download Showpony

Go to releases and download the v0.2.0 (or the latest version). Click the link "Source code (zip)". Once you download it, extract the files from the .zip folder.

2. Place the files

You only need to keep the showpony folder and the files folder. Put showpony in the same folder as your story will be; for example, if your still will be located at, put showpony into that folder. Keep all of the files in this folder.

In the files folder, you'll see an .htaccess file. This allows you to keep files hidden from the public before they go live (you'll still be able to access them on the backend and using the admin panel). Put it into the files folder.

3. Place your story files

Plop the files for your story into the files folder! You can determine the order they display on the website by their alphabetical order.

One trick here is that Windows will order files a little differently than the code will. In the code, "1" will show up before "2", but "1" will not show up before "02"- leading zeroes are important if you start your filenames with numbers!

4. Load Showpony in your HTML file

If Showpony will be on the home page, this will likely be index.html. Load the JavaScript and CSS files from Showpony, as well as the Hey Bard file for Hey Bard compatibility. You can copy-paste the code below into your file if you want:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="showpony/showpony.css">
<script src="showpony/showpony.js"></script>
<script src=""></script>

5. Create a Showpony Object in JavaScript

A basic Showpony object takes 1 lines of JS. You can paste the following code in your .html file (after the code in #4):

<script>new Showpony;</script>

You should now have a functional Showpony in your webpage! For more advanced features, check out JavaScript Object, Admin Access, and Story File Names!

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