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Semantic Web scripting language
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doc Bumped version to 1.2
linked-data-sail Tweaks to redirects and clearing of LinkedDataCache
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ripple-core Bumped version to 1.3-SNAPSHOT
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ripple-flow-rdf Backed out of thread-local connections in LinkedDataCache, which clas…
ripple-flow Bumped version to 1.3-SNAPSHOT
.gitignore POM tweak (first of several). Added .gitignore files.
.travis.yml Added Travis CL configuration
LICENSE.txt Final changes before 1.2 release Updated README
pom.xml Removed ripple-media. It has been little used, and the dependencies a…

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Welcome to the Ripple wiki! Ripple is a declarative, stack-oriented dataflow language for exploring the Semantic Web and other multi-relational networks. Ripple programs resemble path expressions as in XPath and postfix-style procedures as in Forth. Every program has an RDF representation, so you can embed programs in the Web of Data as well as querying against it. This implementation is written in Java and includes an interactive command-line interpreter as well as a query API which interoperates with Sesame 2.0.


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