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An HTML5, lightweight, responsive, retina-ready starter WordPress theme for developers.

While Template is stripped-down, it is meant to have some useful defaults so you can start developing right away. Whatever you don't need or want, change it, comment it out or delete it.

What Template is not is a completely bare-bones theme. If you're looking for that, we've got you covered! Check out Plate — our completely stripped-down version of Template.

Template is based on the amazing Bones starter theme by Eddie Machado:

If you're not familiar with Bones, I highly suggest you check it out before using Template. Bones is exquisitely commented and meant to be a learning tool.

I make no Bones (pun definitely intended) about Template copying a lot of what was included in Bones but wanted to customize it for my studio's workflow. This may or may not work for you.

With that in mind, we've removed some things I never used in Bones (like Link Pages, tags on pages and IE8 grids amongst others) and added some things in that we use often: more page templates, updated default font stack, a custom post type plugin template, and some custom functions.

We've also included some extras and goodies that developers may find useful but kept those out of the main files.

Edit this, fork it, change it, delete it - whatever. As Eddie might say: it's your world. But I hope you make something cool with it.

A Little History

My introduction to Bones came five years ago after trying out just about every starter theme out there. Once I found Bones I was hooked and have used it ever since on hundreds of projects. Bones got me to use Sass/SCSS, taught me a ton about WordPress, how themes really work, and made me a better developer.

Yet, over time I found I was making the same changes to Bones at the start of every project and this was taking up valuable time. Thus, I created the predecessor to this theme called 'Osseous' which included some of the changes found in Template. Osseous literally means: 'of, relating to, or composed of bone' and was a good departure point.

Template picks up where Osseous left off and takes things a bit further with 'Template'. It includes namespaced functions and customized defaults along with a lot of other stuff I like and use for my development. Your mileage may vary.

2017 Update: we've gone through and done a major rewrite, adding and updating the following:

  • WordPress Customizer support
  • WooCommerce support
  • updated body class function
  • expanded Quicktags
  • template part library (really cool)
  • updated comments
  • cleaned up header.php
  • admin and login page updates
  • updated media query .scss stylesheets
  • removed @2x and ie_grid (who uses those?)
  • HTML schema support
  • updated css reset
  • default .scss classes

...and much, much more.

This is the beginning for Template so we welcome improvements, comments, criticism and general feedback. I've probably made a ton of mistakes so as with anything open source, it is a work in progress.

Recommended Plugins

Some of the stuff in Template references plugins that I use with just about every site and I recommend:

Other stuffs

Designed by Joshua Michaels for

With help from @joniler.

License: WTFPL License URI:

Do whatever you want. Freedom, baby.

Special Thanks to:

@eddiemachado — all credit is due to him and the original Bones collaborators: Paul Irish, Yoast, Andrew Rogers, David Dellanave and others.

Submit Bugs & or Fixes:

To view Release & Update Notes, read the file in the main folder.