A ROS package for the Mecanumbot robot.
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A ROS package for the Mecanumbot robot.


The Mecanumbot robot is a robotic development platform designed, built, and maintained by Josh Villbrandt. It features a holonomic drive platform with mecanum wheels as well as a 2D laser scanner and an RGB-D camera. Research goals in localization, navigation, and object recognition from point clouds. Learn more about the Mecanumbot at JAV Concepts.



A variety of guides are available in the docs/ folder.

  • [Setup Guide](docs/Setup Guide.md)
  • [Usage Guide](docs/Usage Guide.md)
  • [Implementation Guide](docs/Implementation Guide.md)
  • [Work Log](docs/Work Log.md)
  • [Todo List](docs/Todo List.md)


This package uses semantic versioning.

Version Notes
future Re-added gmapping launch file.
future Target follower now uses dynamic_reconfigure. Fixed phantom LED and motor message.
future Refactoring LED messages and xbox controller mapping for LEDs. Added barometer telemetry. Refactored documentation.
v0.3.0 Ball tracking code refactored to HSV. Added power board telemetry.
v0.2.0 Updating for Hydro. New ball tracking with target follower.
v0.1.0 Last working version of the mecanumbot package for ROS Groovy.