Asteroid mining for fun and profit!
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Gameplay video

How to play

You are a humble fuel thief trying to make ends meet in a lonely universe.

Maneuver your ship next to asteroids to mine them for fuel. Your ship has a limited amount of fuel. Watch the fuel gauge in your ship carefully!

Fuel you collect fills your tank. Any extra is added to your score. Collect enough extra fuel and to advance to the next level.

Beware of automated mines guarding the fuel asteroids. Although, some pilots have been known to increase their street cred (and score!) by collecting fuel while being scanned...

  • Use W, A, S, and D or the arrow keys to move
  • Collect asteroids by approaching them
  • Avoid enemies
  • Watch your fuel gauge -- don't run out
  • Extra fuel is added to your score -- collect enough to advance
  • Press 0 to self destruct

HTML5 port

This is an HTML5 port of the original Lua/LÖVE 2D game which was created for One Game A Month in 2013.

All of the sprite graphics and effects in the game are procedural. The spooky voice comes from the Conet Numbers Stations project.