An open-source JAXB data model for SCAP specification formats.
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jOVAL™: SCAP Simplified.

jOVAL is an open-source JAXB data model for the SCAP specification languages, including:

  • OVAL
  • OCIL
  • ARF
  • AI
  • CPE
  • CVE

Having an open-source JAXB data model for the SCAP specifications makes it possible for multiple parties to write Java programs that are compatible with one-another without requiring the XML formats to be marshalled and unmarshalled. Additionally, jOVAL also includes schema registration resources and a data-model extension mechanism that makes it possible for jOVAL customers to implement their own OVAL test types and use them with jOVAL's OVAL processing engine. For more information on the extension mechanism, see scap-extensions.

To encourage adoption by third-parties, the jOVAL project is now licensed using the LGPL.

For more information, visit

Building jOVAL

The project can be built using GNU make; simply run 'make' from the project's root directory. Before doing so, however, you must have a JAVA_HOME environment variable set that points to the base directory of a JDK. The project requires Java 6 or later. When using Java 6, you must also specify a JAXB_HOME environment variable specifying the install path of a compatible JAXB_RI (version 2.2.4 or later).


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