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Where are #node.js irc logs?

What is the "official" spelling/capitalization/pronunciation?

  • When referring to the software or the project in general, it's Node.js or simply Node. It is a proper noun, so capitalize it. The .js appears with the first use, to disambiguate from other things called "Node", and Node (without the .js) afterwards. One way to think of this is that Node.js is the full name, and Node is the more familiar first name.
  • When referring specifically to the binary executable, it's always node, lower-case to match the binary's name itself.
  • When referring to the libs that are included with the binary, as opposed to the libs published by Node users in The npm Registry, it's node-core or node core. (See node core vs userland.)
  • "npm" is always lowercase, even when it appears at the start of a sentence, unless used in a context where all-caps are used (such as the title of a man page.)
  • "Node.js" is pronounced either "node dot jay ess", or "node jay ess", or "node point javascript".
  • "npm" is pronounced "en pee em", spelled out.

What is the difference between Node "core" and "userland" modules

node core vs userland

What is the versioning scheme?

Odd versions are unstable, even versions are stable. v0.2 and v0.4 are even/stable. v0.3 and v0.5 are odd/unstable. The current stable series is v0.10.x. The next stable series will be v0.12.x. The stable branch takes bug fixes only - it does not change the JavaScript API, add-on API, nor ABI (you don't have to rebuild modules after upgrading node with-in a stable branch).

What is an easy way to manage Node.js versions / installations?

What is the memory limit on a node process?

Currently, by default v8 has a memory limit of 512mb on 32-bit systems, and 1gb on 64-bit systems. The limit can be raised by setting --max_old_space_size to a maximum of ~1024 (~1 GiB) (32-bit) and ~1741 (~1.7GiB) (64-bit), but it is recommended that you split your single process into several workers if you are hitting memory limits.

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