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Docker files for ProcessWire

These files is a base structure for ProcessWire projects using Docker.

This is a testing environment docker configuration tailored for ProcessWire. If you want to use it in production you must properly check security and other configurations.


For starting the project use

$ docker-compose up -d

A new Apache and MariaDB instance will start.

Configure your ProcessWire files in pw directory. You can copy files from a existing project or install a fresh copy.

Database Credentials (Dev Environment)

Use these credentials in ProcessWire configuration.

  • user: docker
  • password : docker
  • database : docker
  • host : db (You could also use just the ip)
  • port 3306

For accesing db using an external tool like Sequel Pro or HeidiSQL.

  • user: docker
  • password : docker
  • database : docker
  • host :
  • port 3306


Always backup your database sql because you may loose your data if you prune your containers.

Known Issues

This issues may ocur if the docker container was incorrectly stopped or pruned and restarted.

When starting database could fail. Delete the file tc.log.

When importing sql may show Error : Tablespace for table xxxx exists. Please DISCARD the tablespace before IMPORT.. Search for *.idb files without it's matching *.frm file. Move those idb files to another directory or delete them.


For changing PHP settings go to docker/processwire/ and then rebuild the containers. For installing additional modules change the docker/processwire/Dockerfile.

  • Default timezone America/Santiago.

Local host

Once Docker is running you can access ProcessWire by going to localhost in your browser. Is recommended that you edit your hosts file to add a custom domain.

If you want to use another port (default is 80) you must change it in the docker-compose.yaml file.

    # local port : docker port
    - 80:80

Docker Commands

  • docker-compose up -d : Starts the containers
  • docker ps: Show the running containers
  • docker kill <container id>: Kills a container
  • docker network prune: Reset the network
  • docker container prune: Resets the stopped containers

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