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This is a tool to manage local VMs running with QEMU/KVM.

It was initially written for educational purposes, but the author (@jpetazzo) uses this to manage local development machines.


You need the following dependencies:

Dependency Binary Debian/Ubuntu package ArchLinux package
qemu qemu-system-x86_64 qemu qemu
QCOW tools qemu-img qemu-utils qemu
VDE vde_switch vde2 vde2
Cloud Init helper cloud-localds cloud-image-utils cloud-utils
tmux tmux tmux tmux
socat socat socat socat


  1. Make sure that you have the dependencies listed above.
  2. Clone this repository anywhere.
  3. (Optionally) create a symlink to the lbx script in your $PATH.

For instance:

cd ~
git clone
sudo ln -s $PWD/littleboxes/lbx /usr/local/bin

DO NOT copy the script to your path! Make sure to create a symlink instead.

The lbx script will find out the target of the symlink, and cd to that directory when running. It will create VM images and disks there.

Getting started

After lbx is in your path, you can do:

lbx pull xenial
lbx create xenial node1
lbx create xenial node2
lbx start node1
lbx start node2
lbx attach node1
lbx ssh node1

Login and password are ubuntu. VMs should have outbound network access. The VMs are also connected by a private network (using VDE) but it's not configured (yet).

SSH proxy

If you want to use SSH transparently with your VMs, and add this to your ~/.ssh/config file:

Host *.lbx
  ProxyCommand lbx sshproxy %h

Then you can do e.g. scp foo.conf ubuntu@node1.lbx:.

Note: this requires the lbx script to be in your path.


You can edit the cloud-init file to specify a custom Cloud Init payload. (For instance, you might want to change the SSH public key that's in there, since it's mine, and put yours instead.)


Images are stored in images, VMs are stored in vms.

Each image and each VM has its own directory.

For VMs and images, the directory contains the following files:

  • hda: QCOW3 disk image

For VMs, the directory also contains the following additional files:

  • hdb: Cloud Init payload
  • threebytes: three random bytes
  • script starting the VM
  • pid: PID file for the QEMU process

The three bytes in the threebytes file are used to generate the MAC address of the VM A SSH redirection is also setup on 127.X.Y.Z:22222 (and used by the lb ssh command).


  • find a way to setup the internal network
    • some cloud init wizardry?
    • also, pre-allocate addresses, or DHCP appliance?


Just for fun scripts to manage local cloud-like VMs with KVM





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