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Welcome to the Quorum wiki!

This site is for:

  • Blockchain developers who would like to contribute to Quorum
  • Smart Contract Developers who would like to build applications on top of Quorum
  • Anyone interested in learning about Quorum

For further information on J.P. Morgan's development of Distributed Ledger Technology please visit our website.

Quorum includes a minimal fork of the go-ethereum client. If you are new to Ethereum then please read the Ethereum Wiki first and familiarize yourself with the go-ethereum client, as this wiki assumes a base understanding of core Ethereum concepts such as Accounts, Transactions, Blocks and Smart Contracts.

Using This Wiki

If you would like to get a better understanding of the Quorum architecture and how Quroum works then check out the Getting To Know Quorum section. Once you are ready to start using Quorum (or even if you aren't and just want to dive straight in) then follow the steps for Getting Set Up and then jump straight to the Using Quorum section to setup your own permissioned network and start transacting with privacy. You can also visit the quorum-examples repo which contains scripts that quickly spin up a working Quorum network and that demonstrates Quorum's key features. For further information, please read through the FAQs and see the high level Product Roadmap for a view of the key features to be included in Quorum in the future, as well as highlighting some known improvements that need to be made.

We want the Quorum docs to be as useful as possible so get in touch if you have any questions or suggested updates.

Wiki Contents

  1. Getting To Know Quorum
  1. Getting Set Up
  • Setup Overview & Quickstart
  • Building Quorum Node From Source
  • Running Tests
  • Installing Constellation
  1. Using Quorum
    • Running Quorum
    • Developing Smart Contracts
    • Setting up a Permissioned Network
    • Quorum API
  2. FAQ
  3. Product Roadmap