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Velleman K8055 dll haskell wrapper
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This library allows you to control the Velleman K8055, a usb experiment interface board.

The board has:

  • 5 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 2 analog outputs

How is works

Velleman provides a K8055D.dll, so this is a Windows-only solution, to interact with the board. A FFI interface has been written to interact with the dll functions. For this I had to create a definition file K8055D.def and run dlltool -k -d K8055D.def -l libK8055D.a.

Some Background

My first attempt at interfacing this board was using bindings-libusb. After getting is to work on Linux I was unable to compile it on Windows. Because my solution should work on Windows I chose to interface the existing dll.

I haven't given up on the my first solution, it's still the cleanest way to go, having no K8055 specific, native library dependencies and being platform-independent.


As mentioned earlier, we need the K8055D.dll. This can be obtained by downloading the official Velleman K8055 SDK. Extract it and put the dll, DLL_v4.0.0.0/K8055D.dll, somewhere in PATH, e.g. C:\Windows\System32.

Then all you need to do is install the cabal package:

cabal install Bindings-K8055


Press a button, digital in, and try the following ghci code:

> import Bindings.K8055
> withDevice Card1 (readAllDigital >>= print)

Or compiled. Watch out, you need the libK8055D.a interface library, which was packaged in this cabal package and was probably installed in %APPDATA%\cabal\bindings-K8055-0.1.2. By putting it in the subdirectory ghc-<version> it should be found by the compiler.

import Bindings.K8055

main :: IO ()
main =
  withDevice Card1 (readAllDigital >>= print)
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