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data-corners="false" not working for controlgroup #4851

jasajona opened this Issue Aug 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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data-corners="false" not working for controlgroup

jQuery Foundation member


We know it isn't possible to set corner styling for buttons in a controlgroup. This is something we want to work on in the near future.

I am closing this as a feature request. Do you mind adding a link to this ticket here Just to make sure we don't forget :)

BTW - your fiddle loads the CSS of JQM version 1.0 beta3.

shamank commented Jan 5, 2013

sorry, I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but I'm experimenting some annoying behavior with data-corners="false" for a "ul" inside a collapsible. the last image is not applying the rounded bottom left border because of this (I guess, because this is not happening outside a collapsible). I also tried to override this attribute with <li ... data-corners="true"> but it's being ignored and is always replaced with "false". I managed to hack this in css, but I don't like it.. my jqm version is 1.2.0 (updated yesterday) and jq 1.7.1 this a bug?

ps: added a new thread #5421

jQuery Foundation member

@shamank - I can't tell without seeing a test page. You can find our JS Bin template that uses latest code here. If you still see the problem please open a new issue for it.

BTW @jasajona - We made controlgroup a real widget including option corners for version 1.3 which will be released soon.

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