popup over selectmenu: z- or taborder related issue ? #5519

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Hi folks,

I have a simple page containing a header, a select menu - and a popup containing 2 input fields:

Now when I open the popup and the first input field gets the focus, iOS 6 gives me the option to go to the "Previous" input field - even though there is none.

If I go there, the select menu on the "main page" gets the focus, with the popup still open and

  • using JQM1.3.0.b1 + jQ1.9.0, the softkeyboard goes away, but nothing can be selected,
  • using JQM1.2.0 + jQ1.8.3, iOS lets me select from the menu.

When NOT setting "data-dismissible=false", the popup will close, apart from that same behaviour.

On my Android 2.3.4 phone (Sony Xperia mini) it gets even weirder: when the popup-form is in front of the select menu, touching the popup will often open the selectmenu.

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