Top corner in inset list with two items fails #1996

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Hi there,

The top corner style doesn't get applied in an inset list with two items (other number of items work fine). I added a red test for your convenience.


negue commented Jun 30, 2011

Yeah, if I use the version of it still works, so something broke between the last version and the currently git version


Does anyone have a fix for this I can use?

negue commented Jul 5, 2011

Did you tried the latest git version? I think it is kinda fixed.

negue commented Jul 5, 2011

I have cloned the repo, all JS-Files to one File, and with this the topcorner bug is gone.

Anyway try the git sources.


OK, thanks. When does the latest get updated from git? Automatically every few days or is it a manual process?

ghost commented Jul 5, 2011

It still exists in the nightly dated Sat Jul 2 09:03:02 2011 -0700

You can see it using the test pages under
"List views -> Read-only inset lists" and look for the "Divided, formatted content" section.

negue commented Jul 5, 2011

Okey, after re-pulling the sources and switching the branch (git is strange, sry), i get the "real current" sources the bug is still there.

Untill it is fixed, I use this older version:


Anyone know if this is scheduled to be fixed soon? This bug still exists in the latest CDN version. Is there a CSS override I can use to fix this?

negue commented Jul 8, 2011

Well it is fixed. :P

Should I create a new Pull Request?

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this pull request Jul 10, 2011
scottjehl fixed up logic and code style for the _removeCorners "which" argument…
…. Thx for the logic suggestion, @eugenb1. Fixes #1996.
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in e567742 Jul 10, 2011

Landed. thanks!

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