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The Toast.css framework! Toasty!
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The Toast Framework

Welcome, young warrior! Let's go over the basics of the framework, shall we?

Page structure

The structure for Toast is fairly easy to grasp - lets make a typical page with 2 columns:

<div class="row"> <div class="col_9"> Content! </div> <div class="col_3 box"> Sidebar! </div> </div>

Now we have 2 columns, one spanning nine column values, and one spanning three. In case you didn't notice, there's a class of "box" in that sidebar too. That class adds padding to the div, creating a 'real' box that you can apply a background too. Neat huh? And it doesn't break the grid!

Other cool things

There are a couple of other classes that will do cool stuff to the page:

  • smallscreen - adding this to the container will make it snap to a smaller size, ideal for people who are used to the 960 pixel grid
  • respond - adding this to the container will make it responsive, so it scales down to mobile sizes
  • push_x and pull_x - add this to a column, and it will push or pull it right & left by x columns
  • prefix_x and suffix_x will create space on the left or right of the column
  • nest - if you want nested grids (like a col_9 with two columns inside that) just add the class "nest" to the parent.
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