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Run similar commands concurrently
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What is Par?

Have you ever want to run a bunch of related processes at once, and maybe even collect their output? If so, this little thing is for you. Par spins up a fleet of goroutines and runs a command template you specify against standard input. It's best suited for tasks where you would expect concurrency to help you out -- things where network timeouts are possible and can slow your processing time down to a crawl.


On OS X:

$ brew install go
$ echo PATH=$PATH:`brew --prefix go`/bin >> ~/.bash_profile && source ~/.bash_profile
$ go get


Webscaling your family

$ cat family.txt
$ par "echo hello %line" < family.txt
Running with 8 workers
[echo hello Mai] starting
[echo hello Mai] hello Mai
[echo hello Mai] finished
[echo hello Kelly] starting
[echo hello Kelly] hello Kelly
[echo hello Kelly] finished
[echo hello Jon] starting
[echo hello Jon] hello Jon
[echo hello Jon] finished
[echo hello Tommy] starting
[echo hello Tommy] hello Tommy
[echo hello Tommy] finished

Find the IP address of every dictionary word .com domain

$ par "dig +short" < /usr/share/dict/words
Running with 8 workers
[dig +short] starting
[dig +short]
[dig +short] finished
[dig +short] starting
[dig +short]
[dig +short] finished
[dig +short] starting
[dig +short]
[dig +short] finished

Mirroring a backup to a bunch of geographically dispersed servers

$ par "scp backup.dump jroes@%line:backups/" < ~/.backup_servers
Running with 8 workers
[scp backup.dump] starting
[scp backup.dump] finished
[scp backup.dump] starting
[scp backup.dump] finished
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