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Code for the NIPS paper 'Natural-Parameter Networks: A Class of Probabilistic Neural Networks'

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Natural-Parameter Networks (NPN) in Matlab

This is the code for the NIPS paper 'Natural-Parameter Networks: A Class of Probabilistic Neural Networks'.

It is a class of probabilistic neural networks that treat both weights and neurons as distributions rather than just points in high-dimensional space. Distributions are first-citizens in the networks. The design allows distributions to feedforward and backprop across the network. Given an input data point, NPN will output a predicted distribution with information on both the prediction and uncertainty.

NPN can be used either independently or as a building block for Bayesian Deep Learning (BDL).

Note that this is the code for Gaussian NPN to run on the MNIST and Boston Housing datasets. For Gamma NPN or Poisson NPN please go to the other repo.

Neural networks v.s. natural-parameter-networks in two figures:

Distributions as first-class citizens:

Closed-form operations to handle uncertainty:

Example results:

Above is the predictive distribution for NPN. The shaded regions correspond to 3 standard deviations. The black curve is the data-generating function and blue curves show the mean of the predictive distributions. Red stars are the training data.

How to run the code:

To train the model, run the command: 'cd example' to go to the directory of the entry point and run './' or 'sh'

example/ entry point mlp_bayes.m: core model code default_mlp_bayes.m: initialize NPN

PyTorch implementation:

Official PyTorch version of NPN can be found here.

Other implementations (third-party):

Pytorch/Python code (with extension to GRU) by sohamghosh121.


Natural-Parameter Networks: A Class of Probabilistic Neural Networks

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Code for the NIPS paper 'Natural-Parameter Networks: A Class of Probabilistic Neural Networks'






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