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First and foremost, thank you for downloading the Idle Screen Project!  The
Idle Screen Project is a collection of cross-platform, open source screen
savers, released under the GPL version 2.  More information on the project
can be found at:

And more information on the GPLv2 can be found at:

For information on how to compile the source code, including library 
dependencies, please refer to INSTALL.win32 for compiling on Windows 2000 and 
later, or to INSTALL.unix for compiling on all UNIX variants, such as Linux, 
FreeBSD, and (x86 based) Mac OSX.  If you need more information, or have any 
questions/comments/suggestions, please visit the project home page, listed 


-{Change Log}-

Since 0.08:
* Fixed issue 23: "distclean doesn't work"

Since 0.03:
* Added README and INSTALL documentation.
* Added in a HelpDialog class that provides a generic help viewer to view 
  HTML help files.
* Added a man page for PlasmaLenz
* Added in configure and Makefile files.
* Fixed a bug in the ProfileEditDialog of PlasmaLenz that caused crashes.
* Added tooltips to all appropriate widgets in PlasmaLenz.
* Added in Randomizer, a random screen saver runner for Windows platforms.
* Added a Microsoft Visual Studio solution to compile the whole project,
  including the installer.
* Updated all files to reflect web page change.
* Added a HelpDialog utility class that uses QTextBrowser.
* Added help to certain dialogs.
* Modified HelpDialog to accept the url to load as a QString parameter.
* Added Crawlies
* Fixed a bug in the Palette Editor Chooser that wasn't listing the new
  palettes until after closing and reopening the Chooser.
* Fixed a bug that when editing a palette but not changing its name, it
  was added to the end of the list in the Palette Editor Chooser, until
  the Chooser was closed and reopened.
* Fixed issue 21: Palette Profile Name Changes Not Propagating Through
* Added AcidRain
* Fixed an issue with MSVC projects not properly creating and linking 
  the resource file.
* Added ability to "make install" to update XScreensaver when installed
  by superuser.
* Fixed issue 19: Add sanity checking to CrawliesBackgroundProfile.
* Fixed issue 15: Adding help to PlasmaLenz.
* Fixed issue 22: GLUT Demo segfaults without a filename when using -C.
* Updated revision in doxygen.conf


A Collection of Cross-Platform, Open Source Screen Savers






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