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An Emacs interface for searching Haskell code on Hoogle and Hayoo
Emacs Lisp
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hsearch-mode — an Emacs major mode to search Haskell

hsearch provides a native Emacs way to search Hoogle and Hayoo.


Place hsearch-mode.el on your load-path by adding this to your user-init-file, usually ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/PATH_TO_HSEARCH")

Load the code:

(autoload 'hsearch-mode "hsearch"
"Major mode for searching Haskell." nil)



hsearch is roughly divided into three categories. A generic model based on EIEIO (Elisp implementation of CLOS), the Emacs display and control functions and the adapters for Hoogle and Hayoo.

Generic Model

hsearch-query is the model associated with a query to Hoogle or Hayoo. It contains the raw query string, the request URL and a list of results that match the query.

Each result is an hsearch-result class composed of a category, name, signature, locations and a documentation string. Each of these fields is also a class.

Each class defined in hsearch implements the hsearch-renderable interface to provide the render method. To write the results to the display buffer, we call (render query) and depend on each of the fields within query to render themselves. The hsearch-query is the only class that inserts text into a buffer, allowing us flexibility for any final tweaks to the output.

Emacs Display and Control Functions

hsearch-mode provides all commands for working with the *hsearch* buffer.

Hoogle Adapter

Currently, hsearch parses the HTML response from Hoogle to build an hsearch-query. The code makes many assumptions and is fragile. There is hope that Hoogle will at some point provide a JSON response.

Hayoo Adapter

Yet to be written.

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