An IRC logging bot for Node.js.
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Logbot 0.3

Deprecated - I hope no one is using this. I can't even imagine it works with modern node.js.

Logbot is a very simple node.js IRC bot that just logs what it sees.


Installation is very easy. Just clone, install the requirements (see below), edit a little text, and run!


Besides node.js itself, Logbot has two additional requirements:

Both can be installed via npm very easily:

npm install irc
npm install daemon

The exact details of how you choose to install these requirements is up to you.

If you want to make the logs available on the web, see "Logs on the Web," below.


Once you've installed the requirements and cloned this repo, copy settings.js to local.settings.js and change whatever values you need to change.

Using Logbot

Normally, you don't have to do anything to use Logbot. Just let it run:

$ ./logbot.js

There are a few commands Logbot understands, if you start a message with its IRC nick and a colon, like logbot: <command>. They are:

Return where to find the logs on the internet.
What is the channel topic and who set it?
Undo the last known topic change. (See below.)
How long has this logbot instance been up?


The poptopic command lets you use Logbot to undo a recent topic change, provided:

  • You're in Logbot's ADMINS list.
  • Logbot is a channel op (or halfop, as long it has permission to change the topic).
  • Logbot has seen the topic change at least once since it entered the channel.

Logbot keeps a stack of topics for each channel it's in, so you can keep using poptopic to undo any change it's seen. Logbot only stores the topics in memory, so if you have to restart, it won't remember old topics.

Logs on the Web

Logbot dumps plain text logs into its /logs directory. The recommended method for getting them online is to use an Alias or symlink to the directory. For example, if I was running logbot from /home/james/logbot I might do something like:

Alias /irclogs /home/james/logbot/logs

in my Apache configs, somewhere.

Soon I might make the log directory configurable or add some nice-looking output.

Known Issues

  • Some IRC servers, at least, don't seem to send the nick along with topic changes, so logbot: topic results in something like: "The topic is "foo" set by undefined." I've noticed this with hybrid-ircd.
  • For some reason, the node process seems to die after around 24 hours. I haven't chased this down yet.