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Use JSON Schema along with fake generators to provide consistent and meaningful fake data for your system.

What's next?

Breaking-changes towards v0.5.x API:

  • deprecated — You will not longer be able to call jsf() and get a fully-dereferenced result. It will just generate given refs and inline ones, nothing else.
    • jsf.generate() is the sync-version, with partial dereferencing through given refs, etc.
    • jsf.resolve() is the async-version, with full dereferencing, given refs are also supported.
  • deprecated — TypeScript sources are not longer used, however d.ts definitions will be updated on time.

Usage info from was moved to docs/, read more.


Artwork by Ajay Karat

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We have a gitter room for this project, if you want to contribute, talk about specific issues from the library, or you need help on json-schema topics just reach out to us!

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