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BREAKING CHANGE: The JSON Resume specification has gone significant revision over an almost 6 year period. The ecosystem will take a minor hit and will take a bit of time to come up to scratch.

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This is the command line tool for JSON Resume, the open source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes.


Getting Started

Install the command-line tool:

npm install -g resume-cli

Commands at a glance

command description
init Initialize a resume.json file
test Schema validation test your resume.json
export [fileName.html] Export locally to .html
serve Serve resume at http://localhost:4000/


resume --help

Show a list of options and commands for the CLI.

resume init

Creates a new resume.json file in your current working directory.

Complete the resume.json with your text editor. Be sure to follow the schema (available at

resume test

Validates your resume.json against our schema tests to ensure it complies with the standard. Tries to identify where any errors may be occurring.

resume export [fileName]

Exports your resume locally in a stylized HTML or PDF format.

A list of available themes can be found here:

Please npm install the theme you wish to use locally before attempting to export it.


  • --format <file type> Example: --format pdf
  • --theme <name> Example: --theme even

resume serve

Starts a web server that serves your local resume.json. It will live reload when you make edits to your resume.json.


  • --port <port>
  • --theme <name>

When developing themes, simply change into your theme directory and run resume serve --theme . (which tells it to run the local folder as the specified theme)


Available under the MIT license.

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