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nauto is a cli application used to monitor a git repository, and run a deployment script if changes are detected.

Prerequisites: make libssl-dev build-essential curl git-core

nauto depends on node. to ensure the a compatible version of node is available, node will be installed when nauto is setup.

Local Installation

git clone git:// cd nauto/deployment; sudo ./; cd ..; make environment

Remote Installation

SSH_USER=<sudo_user> REMOTE=<remote_host> make setup_remote --environment-overrides

Additionally, you may also speicfy NAUTO_USER and NAUTO_DIR to control the settings used on the remote host. The defaults are nauto and /var/nauto, respectively.

Remote Update

When an update is available on github, it can be deployed by running the following:

SSH_USER=<sudo_user> REMOTE=<remote_host> make update_remote

Setting up a deployment

  1. Clone the repo containing the project.

    git clone git://github...

  2. Edit crontab to run controller.

    crontab -e

    */5 * * * * root cd /var/nauto && export PATH=/var/nauto/bin:$PATH; export NODE_ENV=integration; node controller.js -b origin/master --cwd=/var/nauto/watch/myrepo -d ./deployment/deployer.js 2>&1 >> /var/log/cron_nauto.log