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Haskell library which provides client support for POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols.
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example Some refactoring in IMAP example
src Fix a bug in IMAP Parser for listing Mboxes
test Update IMAPParsersTest for listing Mboxes
CHANGELOG Bump version 0.4.3->0.4.4
HaskellNet.cabal Bump version 0.4.3->0.4.4
INSTALL added installation info
LICENSE put under Network toplevel; got rid of warnings for cabal file Remove unused argument in lookup' function


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This package provides client support for the E-mail protocols POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.

Some examples of how to use the library are contained in the example/ directory. You should be able to run them by adjusting the file for your mail server settings and then loading the file in ghci and type 'main'. eg.

ghci -hide-package monads-fd example/smtpMimeMail.hs main

If you encounter problems and want to debug the ghci debugger works well:

:set -fbreak-on-exception :trace main

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