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DateBox is a jQuery date and time picker. Full Documentation and Demos, that works with a multitude of CSS frameworks.

This repository contains the built distribution versions of DateBox, and is the point of departure for the npm packages.

DateBox Features

DateBox is extreamlly full featured. Included are:

  • Control to pick date, time, duration, or nearly any combination of the above.
  • Limiting on nearly any criteria on the date, time, or duration.
  • Callbacks and Triggers on create, open, close, change, destroy and several other-progress moments of execution
  • Display as a popover, modal, slide down, or inline control with the form. Including hiding the actually input element if desired.
  • Ability to output to multiple input elements to send differing formats or parts of the date to the server easily.
  • 4 different visualation modes
    • A calendar
    • Input boxes for each date part with +/- buttons
    • Slidable columns where the date reads right-to-left or left-to-right
    • Slidable weeks where the date reads top-to-bottom
  • Full localization with translations in 40+ languages and locales
  • CSS Framework agnostic. If there is not a pre-configured version for your preferred choice, adding it is simple.
  • No CSS includes, all styling done by CSS framework or very sparing style hooks.


Built version of jquery-mobile-datebox, a.k.a jtsage-datebox






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